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ART COLLECTORS will be please to know that in the best tradition of the masters such as: Monet, Sorolla, Sargent, Degas, Remington, and contemporary artists Pino, James Reynolds and Terpning; California Artist David J. Negron has brought to light a wealth of fresh Ideas and images derived from his experience in the Movie Industry and a zest for life. In his paintings he features: Children, Ballerinas, Religious subjects, Christian art with Jesus, Patriotic and Turn-of-The-Century Celebrations and Festive Occasions; Western, Cowboys, Indians and Civil War, Beautiful Women in Romantic settings and Beach, Garden and Snow Scenes. In our Gallery, one can obtain Negrón's original Art, Museum quality Giclees, Prints, Serigraphs, Movie Art, Posters and Storyboards. In our art collection, we have other artists' work for sale such as: Prett Carter, T.H. Crawford, Titian (original copy), Wieghorst, Millard Sheets, Putman and Phippen. normal text color

American Impressionist Artist: David J. Negron

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